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Courtship in a modern way: 5 tips

This sweet video shows how different animals court each other. Courtship itself seems like a rather oldfashioned thing that only exists in romantic Jane Austen movies about past eras. However we do believer chivalry is not dead and it is highly appreciated if  people act accordingly. It can be simple things from both sides to keep the romance in a relationship alive and passionate. In this blog we just give you 5 small tips that can be used starting from your first dates as a couple untill ’till dead do us part’. Especially when you are together for a longer period of time your relationship can really benefit from these small gestures where you express your love for one another.

  1. Nothing beats dancing lessons together, dancing and learning salsa or tango together is so much fun. And after class you can bring it into practice by going to a salsa festival together. Or what about flying to Havana or Buenos Aires to bring it to the next level during your holidays, honeymoon or destination wedding.
  2. Do as Phil and Claire in Modern Family, their annual Valentine’s date consists of a meeting in a bar and acting as if they are complete strangers to each other. Meet at a local hang-out and pretend you’re two strangers flirting with each other.
  3. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and drive out to a place where you can see the stars. Or do a picnick in the park or on the beach after working hours on a regular weekday.
  4. Place a sweet note in your partner’s lunch box or on the bathroom mirror in the morning for your loved one to see early in the morning.
  5. Show up at your partner’s workplace and take him/her out for lunch or bring them a coffee from their favorite coffee place.

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